Epiques Epoques

Throughout the festival, Épiques Époques offers interactive storytelling workshops for children in the Caravanserai area. Become the hero of a day during the time of a story. Perfect for the whole family.

Les compagnons de la mémoire d'antan

Join the rhythm and initiate yourself to the old genuine dances with these happy fellows. Learn the calligraphy or enjoy the medieval games for young and old during all the festival.

Saor Alba

Do you want to know more about the daily life of our ancestors ? The troup of Saor Alba is specialized in the reconstitution of scenes of daily life. With his typical camp and his genuine weapons, Saor Alba’s members will tell you more about the arts of war and life in the Middle Ages.


Meet Scurra, the minstrel troup which will parade in the festival alley all Sunday. You will discover their large musical repertoire as well inspired by medieval manuscripts as modern currents!



La muse

La compagnie des routiers

Les compagnons de l'ouest

Maisnie Hellequin

Nytt Land

Tan Elleil