Acus Vacuum

More bagpipes? Let's put in two. Charmuzelles (medieval bagpipes), not the ordinary models! More percussion? In that case, here's a duet of drums. To multiply the rhythms, increase the pace ten-fold and make them be heard as far as possible. And while we're at it, let's take this opportunity to add a female dancer, who will gracefully and vivaciously embody the soul of our compositions. Let them be simple, but devilishly enticing. Such is the way we could summarize the neo-medieval formula concocted by Acus Vacuum. This pagan-folk Belgian ensemble first paced several medieval events before expanding its performances to more "traditional" concerts at events such as the Ragnard Rock 2016. A trusted source has informed us that the musicians are sure to please the most enthusiastic spectators with homemade beverages during their concerts. Will you be present among the lucky ones elected at the Cernunnos?