Les Harpies ou Chiennes de Zeus

We are Les Harpies ou Chiennes de Zeus(The Harpies or Zeus’ Bitches), an acoustic music group with various sounds ranging from Celtic to Maloya, as well as folk and medieval. We mainly sing in French, but also write in English, Basque, and Reunion Creole. Our songs tell the adventures of three young girls who meet in Lutetia, decide to take the name of Harpies and go on an adventure, with or against the Greek pantheon.

In Vino Veritas

No decent medieval fair would take place without it’s troubadours, always ready to sing many stories of witches, strange animals and other pagan traditions from the depths of time! In Vino Veritas will lead us on the paths of these traditions, in acoustic formation but also with some devilesque instruments… Obviously, being of transalpine origins, lyrics will be sung in Italian… The trance-folk of In Vino Veritas is universal and will speak to everyone nonetheless!

Unnamed Season

Always looking for gold nuggets for you to discover, we are proud to present Unnamed Season : Fanny, lyrical singer of medieval and jazz inspiration pairs up with Amduscias, Temple of Baal’s guitarist and former member of Bran Barr. Drawing from their respective influences, they will take us on a folk and baroque acoustic musical journey, a tale about Nature, the passage of time and human illusions.

Entertainment and medieval encampment troops:

Saor Alba

Saor Alba (“Free Scotland” in Gaelic) is a troop of historical re-enactment: come and relive the Scottish first war of independence, when William Wallace and Robert the Bruce fought and defeated the English invasion! Master the famous battle of Bannockburn (decisive victory over the English), on a wargame-style set or by safely experimenting Scottish war techniques.
You can also attend craft demonstrations of woodwork, leather, calligraphy and weaving, or (re)discover the tales and legends of eternal Scotland…
Come share moments of history and heritage in an atmosphere of Franco-Scottish friendship!

La Compagnie des Routiers 

Specialist in re-enactments and medieval events, nothing has a secret for the hirelings (men, women and sometimes even children!) of the Compagnie des Routiers: forge, wood lathe, cooking, sewing, chainmail craft skills, combat and archery demonstrations, mastery of long and short weapons… Come and perfect your medieval knowledge with them!

Les Héritiers du Dagr

Les Héritiers du Dagr challenge you to many Viking-inspired games: tug of war, Kubb game, and many more! If, like them, you are passionate about this rich era, come share jolly and fun moments at the Cernunnos Pagan Fest!

Les Compagnons de l’Ouest

Les Compagnons de l’Ouest (The Western Companions) invite you to enter the arena and participate in a medieval scrum… but foamy! Young and old, come and learn to play fencing and participate in a troll match with them. You will also be able to see them wandering on site like last year… but beware: they are stealthy!

Les Compagnons de la Mémoire d’Antan 

Historical companions of the Cernunnos Pagan Fest, CMDA offers a wide range of activities for adults and children alike. On the menu, calligraphy workshop, introduction to medieval dances and fencing, as well as many traditional games… And don’t miss the fire show in the evening!

Conteur Quentin Foureau 

To strengthen the links between our imagination and that of ancient wisdoms, between our lives and ancestral dreams, between our strengths and those of the origins, the storyteller offers you to explore the myths, tales and legends that evoke the first ages of men on the lands of Cernunnos and other more distant ones. But everywhere, men must have been born, like the elements, the sacred beasts and the forces to shape History… and tales.

  • Sat. Feb. 22, 2pm: “The keys of the old Gods: Tales and oral storytelling workshop” (young audience, at the Media Library)
  • Sun. Feb. 23, 5.15pm: “Myths and legends of roots and origins” (adult audience, in the Caravansérail)

Edana Foa

The creators of this troop, which name means “fire fox”, are really inhabited by this element… Come vibrate and reactivate your own inner fire at their show!